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2003 Infiniti M45 Review, Jorr

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Infinity M-45

 Model of the car:Infinity M-45
 General comments:I dumped my Audi 2.7T because I was becoming scared of it's reliability. Having owned several German cars in the immediate past, I was hesitant to go Japanese, because of the possible loss of 'soul'. But the engine convinced me to give this car a try. It is a screamer, and develops more HP than anything Audi has until you reach $70,000+. I do miss the fold down rear seats and huge trunk and rear leg room from the A6. But the quality of the M is readily apparent, and I anticipate many trouble free miles- more than I can say for Audi. For a big car it handles very well, but not quite up to the Germans. Steering is good. Tires are bad. Front seat comfort and design is fairly good, but again not up to Audi, not is the interior design.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Small trunk, leg room in back limited, chrome door handles, design a little much "Monte Carlo". Mouse fur headliner. (Typical for Japanese). Large turning circle. ONLY THREE TIRES AVAILABLE as replacement at Tire Rack. They really picked an "off" size.

Review 2003 Infiniti M45 Jorr
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