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2003 Infiniti M45 Review, , From Oakland, CA

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Infiniti M45 M45

 Model of the car:Infiniti M45 M45
 General comments:Awesome car for the money. Due to its apparent controversial styling, buyers aren't exactly busting down Infiniti showroom doors to get this sled. That leaves value buyers like you and me a great deal. The VQ engine is considered one of the finest V8s in the world and is without a doubt the highlight of this car. Big on the outside, rides like a small vehicle on the inside. Ride is firm and compliant, yet not harsh. Gas consumption is in direct proportion to high performance engine.

When mfgs choose to give us consumers so many cars to pick from, we're forced to come up with reasons to buy or not buy a certain car based on the criteria that are important to us. Here are mine for buying the m45 and passed on the others:

m45 is much less frenetic than a G35 or any of the Acuras... I steered away from the German cars due to all the negative reviews on this site about reliability and maintenance costs. Here in the conforming minded Bay Area-contrary to popular belief; drivers lack the courage to be different. This car gives one many compelling reasons to be different.

I spent a month researching my purchase and am very satisfied with my choice. Had put money down on a Acura TSX but realized that the road roar at 75 mph was realy unbecoming of a sports sedan. Felt the G35 fit and finish reminded me too much of a Nissan Maxima. Looked at the is 300 and felt like an overage speedy racer in a suit. Lexus went overboard with the rear tail light design on this car- reminded me too much of the bald headed teenager down the road in his lowered Civic. For 35k, I don't want to be his peer. Is it me or have the Lexus GSs and LSs and SCs gone gauche? Too much of a status symbol in conflict with the bad economy. Performance is bland and styling not aging gracefully for all these cars.
Didn't even consider a BMW as everyone who owns a house and has an equity line in the Bay Area has a BMW. Mercedes C class and Audi A4s have questionable reliability issue- like BMW- and like BMW-everyone's got one! Ho hum. RX-8 is not a business appropriate car unfortunately. SAAB Aero was the only car I considered next to this one. Totally different car but IMO, one of the few cars left on the road that has a perfect blend of character in its styling, performance and ride. Again, my decision came down to price to features ratio, reliability and fit and finish and the Infiniti's rear wheel drive configuration. JD Powers rating of Infiniti didn;t hurt. I'm also slightly biased in that I owned a g20 back in the mid-90s and was thoroughly impressed with the entire Infiniti experience. I give little weight to the automobile press' reviews as their car values are typically so different than mine but I'm aware they are not high on the m45.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:These are minor quips and quibbles but I obviously felt they were livable drawbacks in the car: Looks- I can do without the piimp daddy wheels. If the hip hop crowd doesn't latch on to this thing in the next 3 yrs, I might very well renew my lease- yes, depreciation should be a concern given Infiniti's poor track record with depreciation. Car is a little longer than it needs to be, IMO. Can't drive it beyond 7
 Previous car:See above. Lived with my brother in law's 2003 Accord V6 for a month while he was out of town and must say it's very competent transportation; Definitely a poor man's sensible BMW with front wheel drive.

Review 2003 Infiniti M45 , From Oakland, CA
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